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How to Make a Pie Chart in Microsoft Excel

Using pie charts allows you to illustrate the distribution of data in the form of slices. It’s easy to make 2D, 3D, or doughnut-style pie charts in Microsoft Excel—no design knowledge necessary! Here’s how to do it….

How to Create a Gmail Account

By creating a free Gmail account, you get access to all of Google’s products. This includes cloud storage, an email service, an online office suite, and more. Here’s how to make a Gmail account on desktop or mobile….

How to See Blocked Numbers on iPhone

Not sure which phone numbers you’ve blocked on your iPhone? You can easily check your blocked number list using Phone, Messages, and FaceTime settings on your phone. We’ll show you how.

How to Remove Spaces in Microsoft Excel

Copying text into Microsoft Excel often results in annoying leftover whitespace, and it’s tedious work to manually remove trailing, leading, and any other extra spaces from the cells in your spreadsheets. Luckily, Excel has …

How to Unhide a Post on Facebook

Do you want to bring a hidden post back to your timeline so everyone can see it? If so, Facebook makes it easy to unhide your hidden posts. We’ll show you how to do that on both desktop and mobile.

How to Record Audio on iPhone

Thanks to the built-in Voice Memos app, you can record and share your audio recordings on your iPhone with ease. We’ll show you how to use the app to make your first-ever voice recording.

How to Change the Language on Amazon

Amazon is available in many countries around the world and so it offers multiple language options. If you’d like to use the site or the app in a different language, here’s how to change the language on Amazon….

How to Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance

Not sure if you have sufficient funds to buy that item on Amazon? If so, it’s easy to check your gift card balance on both the Amazon website and the Amazon mobile app, as well as the history of cards you’ve redeemed….

How to Search Gmail by Date

One of the many good things about Gmail is the ability to search your emails by date. You can find emails received after or before a specific date, find emails newer or older than certain days, and so on. We’ll show you how….

How to Block Someone on LinkedIn

If you don’t want certain people to view your LinkedIn profile, you can block them. It’s easy to block someone on LinkedIn and you can do it on both desktop and mobile. Here’s how.

How to Deselect in Adobe Photoshop

Deselecting areas in photos and layers in Adobe Photoshop is actually easier than selecting them. We’ll show you how to deselect items using multiple ways in this photo editing tool.

How to Export Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks

Whether you’re looking to make a backup of your bookmarks, or you want to import your bookmarks in another web browser, you will want to export your Mozilla Firefox bookmarks first. We’ll show you how to do just that….
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