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Spotify Wrapped 2021: How to Hear Your Year In Review

Music fans rejoice—Spotify Wrapped 2021 is finally here! The end-of-year recap is available for Spotify users worldwide and includes a ton of fun new features, including a music-based card game and a free reading of your “audio aura.”  Here are all the new Spotify Wrapped features, plus instructions to get Wrapped working on your device.


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Samsung Takes on Motorola with $250 Galaxy A13 5G

Over the last year, Motorola has launched a series of devices that absolutely dominate the sub-$300 smartphone market. But Samsung wants a piece of the pie. Its latest device, called the Galaxy A13 5G, costs just $250 but features 5G connectivity, a 90Hz display, and of course, Samsung camera technology.

[Updated] GM’s Chevy Bolt Production Delay Goes From Bad to Worse

Back in November, we received both good news and bad news from GM, depending on which side of the situation you’re on. The company confirmed that production of the new Chevy Bolt EV and Bolt EUV vehicles will remain down, with production entirely halted until sometime in 2022. So if you were looking to get a new 2022 Bolt, you might be waiting a while.

These Popular Wi-Fi Routers Are Security Nightmares

Security researchers from IoT Inspector teamed up with CHIP Magazine to test nine of the most popular home Wi-Fi routers for exploits and vulnerabilities. The results are stunning—not only are these routers poorly secured, but they suffer from vulnerabilities that security researchers first identified months or years ago.

The 5 Best Places to Buy Vinyl Records Online

Between vinyl skyrocketing again in popularity (more than they have since 1986) and brick-and-mortar stores having limited in-store hours due to the pandemic, there’s been an increasing need for good places to buy vinyl online. Luckily, plenty of retailers have now made their storefronts digital, and we found all of the best places to buy vinyl online.
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